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Raksha Bandhan celebrates the relationship of immaculate love between brothers and sisters. On this day, sisters tie rakhi or holy thread on their brothers' wrists and pray for their well being and long life. In return brothers promise their sisters to protect them against all evils. Raksha means 'to protect' and Bandhan means 'bond' hence the festival signifies the bond of protection between a brother and a sister.

The festival is celebrated with lot of pomp and joy. Fresh flowers, colorful clothes, tying rakhis, meeting close people and most importantly exchanging gifts uplift the spirit of the ceremony. Since the ancient times, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated and its mention can be seen even on the Vedas and ancient scriptures. Though the actual origin of Raksha Bandhan is ambiguous but its mention can be found in Vaishnava theology. As per legends, it say that once, Indra, the king of heaven was engaged in a long drawn battle with asura (demon king) Vritra. Eventually it was seen that Indra might loose the battle. Scared his wife Indrani or Shashikala started praying to the Guru of gods - Brihaspati. Later, with his blessing Indrani got a talisman and tied around the right wrist of Indra which protected him against the evil forces and he won the battle. The day was the full moon day of the Hindu month Shravan or Shravan Poornima. With time it became an eternal bondage between the brothers and sisters.